Blog Post #1 — Theme: getting myself sorted out

OK, here we are at the first blog posting for my Professional Fellowship trip to Malawi. I probably could have gotten this up and running sooner, but I wanted to take the time to do a fully assembled set of blog pages so that people could get some more information about what I’m doing, where I’ll be going, etc.

As such, I’ve got a number of other pages set up with other info, along with links to a whole bunch of other people’s blog sites as well. Definitely I would encourage reading some of these also, since I get inspired by reading some of them, so you might too!

At present I am in full checklist mode and entirely focused on the goal of getting everything sorted out in time for me to fly to Toronto on August 1st (blog up and running — check!). Once in Toronto though, we have a week allocated for pre-departure training, followed by many hours of flight time, so I’m really looking forward to using that period to switch gears and get myself into an Africa mindset, so stay tuned for more introspective and ‘asking tough questions’ types of blog postings!

Hopefully everyone enjoys the blog, and definitely once I get to Malawi I welcome any and all feedback, comments from home and any other Canadian updates as I go along.

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5 Responses to Blog Post #1 — Theme: getting myself sorted out

  1. Congrats on getting the blog up and running Kevin. Well done! I look forward to seeing you in just over a weeks time and reading your thoughts over the coming months. I will be very curious to see how our experiences in Malawi will compare in the different programs.

  2. Joan Nixon says:

    Safe travels Kevin – enjoying your blogs of your adventure and look forward to reading all about them.

  3. Lynne Paulsen says:

    Hi Kevin – reading with interest about your work and adventures; what a life experience. Keep up the good work. We are keeping Jill distracted with preparations for her birthday party along with Joan’s and Mom’s b’days. Stay in touch. Auntie Lynne

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